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wife, life, legecy

Wife, Life, and Legacy is an inspirational book written as a guide to assist to prepare for the covenant of marriage that honors God. Roles and responsibilities are outlined for men and women as they plan to move forward in marriage. To travel in this journey called life was never meant to be done alone. Getting married to a godly mate is truly a premium because of the shortage of marriageable people. Perfection is not required, but the purpose is.

Dwight E. DeRamus Jr has laid the groundwork that opposes societal views on marriage preparation. Marriage will present an opportunity to create a godly legacy that brings glory to God and benefit others. Godly families that improve generation by generation begin with choosing the right wife. Tests, trials, and tribulations will occur, but the Word of God must be rooted as the relationship’s foundation. Before we walk in matrimony, we must first walk in Christ.


Award Winning title

disappearing dads

Disappearing Dads is an informational life-giving book sprinkled with the Word of God. This book examines how weak or absent fathers cripple both sons’ and daughters’ ability to reach their own identity and define their roles in healthy relationships. Dwight E. DeRamus Jr. gives insight from his life, education, and work experiences and draws from his own struggle during his adolescence years with fatherlessness.

Never before have we witnessed an epidemic of fatherlessness across nations, and many accept this as the norm. Disappearing Dads helps families to understand the impact of fatherlessness in our homes,churches, and communities. The impact creates wounds in our relationships with others, chaos in communities, and a continuation of generational curses. This book is a must-read book for everyone. Disappearing Dads will lead you on a journey from brokenness to restoration.


Award Winning title

A slice of truth

A Slice of Truth is a wonderful collection of poetry that penetrates deeply into the consciousness of readers. The book illustrates life and reflects on topics in which many of us can relate; a poem for every season for life. Each piece holds many truths with words that encourage, enlighten, and strengthen the inner-soul. This book is created to reiterate that everyone is created with uniqueness and distinction.


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Captivating inspiring and motivating are words that describe Dwight DeRamus.  Both his wisdom and transparency are revealed in his writing and public speaking.  His authentic approach fosters optimism and restoration.

-Patricia m. Mcclure


Award Winning Author and Speaker